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Law Enforcement Products


Advanced Fast Idle System III (AFIS)

Automatic High Idle System
An adjustable system that idles at up to three customizable speeds. Provides automatic battery charge protection and improved AC performance.



Aftermarket Interface Module™ (AIM)

High Idle and CAN Data
Combined high idle with Upfitter Interface Module® technology. Fully programmable and customizable power relay unit. Remote lock/unlock function allows control of doors and cabinets using OEM keyfob.



AutoGARD™ (AG)

Anti-Theft Automatic Shift Lock
Theft prevention system that activates automatically by locking the transmission every time the vehicle is placed in Park.



Blackout Module (BOM)

Vehicle Light and Sound Deactivation
Turns off exterior/interior lights and alert chimes when activated. Module is disengaged when vehicle reaches 5-20 mph. For government use only.



Break Out Box (BOB/BOBe™)

Vehicle Network Multi-Access Hub
Used to connect devices to the CAN bus, reducing compatibility issues and the need for multiple harnesses. BOBe provides passive data acquisition with an auxiliary CAN network for third-party devices.



Camera Controller (CAM)

Vehicle Camera System
Activates up to three cameras when turn signals are on or the transmission is in Reverse.




Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Alarm
Any attempt to remove the catalytic converter or disable CATalert will honk the horn. Real-time tampering can be reported via telematic devices.



Chime Mute Module (RCMP)

Warning Silencer
Mutes alert chimes (seat belt, key in ignition, headlamps on and door ajar) when activated. Also turns off daytime running lights.


EcoLock™ (ECL)

Vehicle Secured Idle Reduction System
Programmable system works with the key out of the ignition. Restarts on low battery voltage, brake application or interior cabin temperature (optional).



EcoStar™ (ECO)

Idle Reduction System
Programmable system automatically turns the engine off when specific customizable conditions are met. Restarts on low battery voltage, brake application or internal cabin temperature (optional).



EcoStar™ III (ECO3)

Key In/Out Idle Mitigation System
Programmable system works with either the key in or out of the ignition; uses a mobile app for customizable settings, remote stop/start and real-time data.



eVolution (WIN)

Intelligent Engine Stop/Start System
Designed to automatically charge the OEM and auxiliary batteries based on customizable conditions. The eVolution+ version includes anti-theft features, configurable outputs and more.



FlexSpeak™ (VAM)

Voice Annunciator System
An automated system with configurable audio messages for driver, passenger and/or external announcements.



IdleGuard™ (IDG)

Auto-Enables Secure Park/Protected Idle
Automatically enables and disables the Dodge Charger Pursuit Secure Park and Chevy Tahoe PPV Protected Idle™ features based on the key fob's proximity to the vehicle.



IdleLock™ (IDLE)

Secured Idling with Key Removed
Theft prevention system that allows the vehicle to idle securely, locked in Park, with the key removed from the ignition.



IdleLock with AutoSense™ 

Secured Idling with Key Removed
Theft prevention system that automatically activates when the driver exits an idling vehicle with a fob. The transmission is locked in Park while the system is engaged.



Intelligent Switch Module (ISM)

Configurable Steering Wheel Buttons
Allows for custom programming of the AUX or radio buttons on the steering wheel. Buttons can be configured to function as momentary, latching, timed or progressive and used to activate lights, sirens, spotlights, etc.



Officer Protection Package (OPP)

Detects Movement Behind Charger/Durango Vehicles
Detects movement behind the vehicle and alerts the officer with audio/visual warnings, locks doors and more. Available for Dodge Charger and Durango law enforcement vehicles. For government use only.



Police Interface Module (PIM)

Multi-Function System
Allows for multiple InterMotive features to be utilized on one module (e.g., Blackout Mode, Surveillance Mode). Steering wheel buttons can be used to activate lights, sirens, push-to-talk radio or other features. See Durango version.



Protected Idle Output (PIO)

Anti-theft Lock for Weapons Rack & Hatch
Offers an extra layer of lockdown when working outside the vehicle. Automatically disables the weapons rack and hatch on a GM Tahoe PPV while the Protected Idle™ feature is engaged.



Surveillance Mode Module™ (SMM)

Detects Movement Behind the Vehicle
When sensors are tripped, the system alerts the driver with audio/visual warnings and locks doors. Part of the Officer Protection Package (OPP). For government use only.



Upfitter Interface Module® (UIM)

Programmable CAN Data Access System
Used to control or activate equipment using OEM chassis data via passive acquisition. Output functions can be momentary, latching, time-hold, time-delay or flashing.