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Transportation Products


Advanced Fast Idle System III (AFIS)

Automatic High Idle System
An adjustable system that idles at up to three customizable speeds. Provides automatic battery charge protection and improved AC performance.



Aftermarket Interface Module™ (AIM)

High Idle and CAN Data
Combined high idle with Upfitter Interface Module® technology. Fully programmable and customizable power relay unit. Remote lock/unlock function allows control of doors and cabinets using OEM keyfob.




Anti-Theft Automatic Shift Lock
Theft prevention system that activates automatically by locking the transmission every time the vehicle is placed in Park.



Bluetooth Module (BTM)

Data Collection System
Provides vehicle data via Bluetooth-enabled devices for third-party software packages over J1939 communications bus.



Break Out Box (BOB/BOBe™)

Vehicle Network Multi-Access Hub
Used to connect devices to the CAN bus, reducing compatibility issues and the need for multiple harnesses. BOBe provides passive data acquisition with an auxiliary CAN network for third-party devices.



Camera Controller (CAM)

Vehicle Camera System
Activates up to three cameras when turn signals are on or the transmission is in Reverse.



Camera Interface Module (CIM)

Signal Connection System
Provides standard outputs for common signals to interface with a camera or CAD/AVL system.




Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Alarm
Any attempt to remove the catalytic converter or disable CATalert will honk the horn. Real-time tampering can be reported via telematic devices.



Emergency Door Module (EDM)

Ensures Door Safety and Operation
Prevents the vehicle from being started unless the emergency exit door or window is closed and unlocked.



Engine Monitoring & Shutdown System (EMS)

Automated Powertrain Protection
Monitors specific powertrain conditions and initiates a warning and engine shutdown sequence if parameters are exceeded. Helps prevent damage to the engine and/or transmission from overheating.



FlexSpeak™ ADA 

Talking Bus System
An automated voice annunciator system that provides an improved experience for passengers with audio and visual communication. The integrated GPS unit triggers messages using the vehicle's PA system and destination sign.



FlexTech™ (PRC)

Programmable Electrical System
Complete customizable vehicle electrical load control system. Options include PRPC (a UIM16R using Upfitter Interface Module® technology), switch backer board and expansion board.



Gateway (GTWY)

High Idle and Shift Interlock System
All-in-one wheelchair interlock and high idle system ensures full functionality of the vehicle's systems while using the lift.



Guardian I/II (GRD)

Lift Interlock System
For vehicles 2010 and older with electronic or manual doors, this system prohibits lift operation unless the vehicle is in Park and the park brake is set. Custom plug and play harnesses available.


HawkEye™ (HAWK)

Object Detection System
In-bumper ultra-sonic front/rear object detection system. Alerts the driver with an audible warning when an object is detected in front or behind the vehicle.



Hazard Flashers (HZF)

Automatic Flasher System
Activates the hazard lights when the vehicle is in Park and the engine is running.


HighLock (HL)

High Idle and Shift Interlock System
Wheelchair lift interlock keeps the vehicle from moving while lift is in operation, and the fast idle system maintains power in all load conditions.



IdleLock™ (IDLE)

Secured Idling with Key Removed
Theft prevention system that allows the vehicle to idle securely, locked in Park, with the key removed from the ignition.



Idle Timer Controller/Disable (ITC/ITD)

Idling Engine Shutdown System
Automatically turns the engine off after a customizable period of time. Override and disable features allow the engine to continue idling when equipment is in use.



Intelligent Lift Interlock System (ILISC)

Shift Interlock for Manual Doors
Lift interlock system for manual doors that prohibits lift operation unless the vehicle is in Park and the park brake is set.



Intelligent Lift Interlock System (ILISP)

Shift Interlock for Electronic Doors
Lift interlock system for power lift doors that prohibits lift operation unless the vehicle is in Park and the park brake is set.



J1939 Translator

Uni-directional Communications Portal
Allows third-party J1939 devices to be installed on vehicles that do not support J1939 protocol.


Lift Interlock (LOCK)

Wheelchair Lift Safety System
Prevents the vehicle from shifting out of Park if the lift is not properly stowed.



Park Crank Only Module/Crank Disable (PCOM)

Safe Start-up System
Prevents the engine from starting if certain customizable safety conditions are not met.



Pre-Trip Module (PTM)

Light Cycling and Bluetooth CAN Data
Automatically activates all exterior lights in a cycle for a solo pre-trip inspection. Works with Bluetooth enabled devices to provide vehicle data.




Student Transportation Off-Boarding Protection System
Prevents children from getting trapped in bus doors and warns the driver of potential life-threatening situations.



Speed Sentinel™ (SS)

Road Speed Limiter
Limits the maximum vehicle road speed. Includes passing mode and emergency response override. Some applications can be limited in Drive and Reverse.



TempGuard (TG)

ECT Warning System
Monitors the engine coolant temperature (ECT) and initiates a warning if parameters are exceeded.



Upfitter Interface Module® (UIM)

Programmable CAN Data Access System
Used to control or activate equipment using OEM chassis data via passive acquisition. Output functions can be momentary, latching, time-hold, time-delay or flashing.




Programmable Relay Power Center
Passive CAN data access system with four outputs and two inputs.



UIM16R (PRPC) - See FlexTech

Programmable Relay Power Center
Passive CAN data access system with 16 outputs, using Upfitter Interface Module® technology.